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"Frammenti di tempo" is a collection of 87 pictures coming from a personal photographic exhibition.



"Diario di viaggio - Moments and memories" is a collection of 150 pictures.



Presentation by Ambrogio Fogar

   Our lives have gone a short way together, from 1983 to 1990.

   The uncertainty of facing long trips in uncomfortable lands and with unknown people, was imediately effaced from my first met with Luciano Bovina, thanks to his kind and really professional manners.
   I also realized that he belongs to that kind of men who has a strong sense of "Ulysses factor" which means an unrestrainable need of leaving, of crossing the horizont line, of quitting the certainty given by our society organized to contraste the great nature: this need to leave and to go towards the unknown is the "Ulysses factor".

The unknown, talking in geographic terms, does not exist anymore. With the discoveries of the radio and the plane, the Earth is completely known, but the unknown is inside ourselves.

   From a lot of time, Luciano has decided to discover his personal unknown by catching faces and pictures of different realities that always give different emotions.
   This refined photographer and film-maker, makes us feel both strong and sweet sentations together. He is a careful witness never satisfied with first impression, but who looks for reality, for true people expression that only few are able to see and to show.
   The first impression that I had of Luciano, many years ago, has surfaced in all its positivity and is confirmed by the wonderful photos of the book "Frammenti di tempo"(Fragments of time), pictures that first strike the eye and then hit the soul. They follow one another by increasing the suggestion and the tension in all are watching them, more often

leaving a sense of admiration for our beautiful and interesting world and also for those that are able to picture it.
   Turning over the pages of this book, I am sure you will meet Luciano in the depth of a sight or even between the folds of the suggestive nature. Luciano, by the use of his insight and technique, makes us think that the "Ulysses factor" is more or less inside all of us.

   If we do not belong to the travellers' group, we have to be satisfied to let ourselves being involved by his pictures, that often talk more than a written page.

   Continue to leave, Luciano, and to consign to our hands, what the lens, your good taste and feelings, are able to take into ourselves. Have a good trip always andů goodbye.

Ambrogio Fogar



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